One of the more enthusiastic and forceful taglines of the cryptocurrency community that is usually seen at a time when the price of a cryptocurrency is falling. Instead of panicking and selling, the phrase is intended to incite buying at a lower price in the hopes of gains down the line.

One of the more bullish phrases in the cryptocurrency lexicon is ‘Buy the F*cking Dip’. This indicates that when the price of a popular coin is falling in price, people should see it as a buy signal rather than a more traditional sell signal.

The main thinking behind this phrase is that all favourited cryptocurrencies are only destined for higher prices and that any turn in fortune for their market is a minor delay on its way to the ‘Moon’. Thus, when the price falls, instead of worrying about losses and selling to mitigate, users should rather buy more coins at a cheaper rate.

Buying more tokens at a lower rate would ensure accumulation and thus when the price inevitably goes up — as these bulls expect — they will have more tokens on which to profit.

There are ulterior motives to this terminology and sentiment. The hope is that when a price is falling, things can be turned around with additional buying pressure. The more people buy a falling asset the higher chance it has of rebounding and stopping the losses.

This brazen optimism and brash trading strategy is not separate from other assets, but is more common in the cryptocurrency space. This is perhaps down to the fact that volatility is much more common, and grand, in the space and bullish optimism is often needed to ride out the huge lows, and in order to achieve the massive highs.

The BTFD motto extends further and causes a separation between those who are not strong enough to withstand the crypto volatility — known to have weak hands — and those who are destined for crypto greatness and Lambos.

BTFD means that you have the confidence in a falling market that you will not sell, but actually accumulate more. For many, this would be doubling down on losses, but in crypto, the turnarounds can be so quick that you could double your profits, and more, if you hold on long enough.