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What is Uniswap all about

What is Uniswap all about

All-Time High • May 03 2021


All-Time Low • Sep 17 2020


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-173,302,925 -4.15%

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With the increased interest in decentralised finance (DeFi) UniSwap emerged as a popular exchange for users to take advantage of. UniSwap is a fully decentralized exchange which works quite differently to typical exchanges where many people buy, sell and exchange their tokens now.

Being fully decentralized means UniSwap can eliminate concerts of centralized exchanges. including the risk of hacking, mismanagement, and arbitrary fees. However, many Dex’s will suffer from an issue of liquidity, which UniSwap is trying to solve by allowing the exchange to swap tokens without relying on buyers and sellers creating that liquidity.

The way UniSwap solves the liquidity problem is through an automated liquidity protocol. UniSwap incentivizes people on the exchange to become liquidity providers and then users pool their money together to create a fund that’s used to execute all trades that take place on the platform.

UniSwap also has its own governance token that integrates with this idea of being fully decentralized. The UNI token gives holders the right to vote on new developments and changes to the platform, including how minted tokens should be distributed to the community and developers as well as any changes to fee structures.

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Uniswap Profit Calculator

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Questions & Answers

UNI Questions & Answers

How much is Uniswap worth today?

Osom expert

Currently, the price of Uniswap is at 8.80 EUR.

To date, what was the highest price of Uniswap?

Osom expert

The price of Uniswap reached its highest point on 2021-05-03, when it was at 37.37 EUR.

What is the price of Uniswap going to be in 3 months?

Osom expert

Based on our price prediction algorithm we suspect the cost of Uniswap will reach anywhere between €0 and €9.01 3 months from now.

Is Uniswap going to cost more in one month time?

Osom expert

Using our short term price prediction, we estimate the cost of Uniswap will reach anywhere between €0 and €9.01 30 days from now.

What will Uniswap cost in six months?

Osom expert

The process of predicting the future over the long term is very challenging, but in accordance with our prediction we suspect Uniswap's price is likely going to reach between €0 and €9.01 in six months.

How popular is Uniswap among social media users?

Osom expert

62794 people were engaging in discussing Uniswap online on Reddit in the last 48 hours. Uniswap's official Twitter profile is currently followed by 910406 people.

Why is DeFi such a big deal?

Osom expert

DeFi is a major craze in the cryptocurrency space at the moment as it could be the next big use case for blockchain. Having proven that money can be decentralized, DeFi is out to prove that financial services need not be run by banks and institutions who take their cut.

How are decentralized exchanges different?

Osom expert

Most cryptocurrency exchanges operate a lot like banks. They take your funds and use them behind the scenes while still allowing you access from their own reserves. In a decentralized exchange, coins are moved, traded and swapped with other people who are providing the liquidity, rather than the centralized exchange.

What is the Uniswap token used for?

Osom expert

Uniswaps native token, UNI, is known as a governance token. This gives holders the right to vote on new developments and changes to the platform, including how minted tokens should be distributed to the community and developers as well as any changes to fee structures.

Why do people want to move away from centralized exchanges to decentralized ones?

Osom expert

Centralized exchanges have been active on the cryptocurrency market for years. They offer fast settlement times, high trading volume, and continually improving liquidity. However, people are starting to appreciate trustless protocols. Decentralized exchanges require no middlemen or custodians to facilitate trading.

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10 days Uniswap price forecast

10 days Uniswap price forecast

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Long term Uniswap price prediction

MonthPrice PredictionChange
September 223.7-57.96%
October 222.56-30.85%
November 221.54-39.9%
December 220.58356186-62.04%
January 230-100%
February 230-NaN%
March 230-NaN%
April 230-NaN%
May 230-NaN%
June 230-NaN%
July 230-NaN%
August 230-NaN%

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