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What is Theta Network all about

What is Theta Network all about

All-Time High • Apr 16 2021


All-Time Low • Mar 13 2020


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Theta Network describes itself as a blockchain technology-powered video delivery network. It is built on top of Theta Blockchain, designed specifically for video and data transmission. Users of Theta can earn tokens while watching content. This opt-in feature allows users to volunteer spare bandwidth and computing power. This way they help relay the content they are watching to other users. Theta network helps lower video delivery costs on top of rewarding its user base with incremental rewards. Theta aims to eliminate many problems with currently available video streaming services.

Theta blockchain utilizes a multi-BFT consensus mechanism, which uses two types of nodes. Enterprise Validator Nodes are run by large companies such as Google, Sony, or Binance. These nodes take part in creating new blocks on the blockchain. Validator nodes are protected by the second layer of nodes called Guardian Nodes. These nodes are run by willing users and they take part in sealing blocks and checking for malicious validators.

The third type of node is not used for blockchain protection, but rather network utility. Theta Edge Network, formed by thousands of Theta Edge Nodes, is a decentralized network for edge computing and data delivery. The network is also empowered by EdgeCast - a P2P technology introduced alongside the Theta mainnet 2.0. EdgeCast allows for live streaming video content without the need for a centralized server or service.

The Theta Token (THETA) is the protocol's governance token, which has a hard supply cap of 1 billion. THETA is used for staking validator and guardian nodes. This, in turn, rewards users with a network utility token called TFUEL.

Theta's Virtual Machine is compatible with that of Ethereum. This means that developers can easily port over their projects. Just like EVM, Theta's VM utilizes Turing-complete smart contracts.

Theta was founded by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long. Liu, the CEO of Theta has previously co-founded Gameview Studios and Tapjoy. Long, who has the position of CTO, has developed several VR game streaming technologies. There are also many advisors who are connected to the project. These include names such as Steve Chen, the co-founder of Youtube, and Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch.

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Questions & Answers

THETA Questions & Answers

What is the price of Theta Network today?

Osom expert

Today, the price of Theta Network is at 1.15 Euro.

What was Theta Network's highest price?

Osom expert

The price of Theta Network peaked on 2021-04-16, when it was at 13.12 Euro.

What will the price of Theta Network be in one month?

Osom expert

Based on our price prediction algorithm we expect, the price of Theta Network is likely going to reach between €0 and €0.92 1 month from now.

Is Theta Network going to be worth more in three months?

Osom expert

Based on our short term prediction we expect Theta Network's value will be anywhere between €0 and €0.98 90 days from now.

Does Theta Network have a large following on online?

Osom expert

28614 individuals were engaging via Reddit, in an online discussion about Theta Network in the last 48 hours. Theta Network's official Twitter profile currently is followed by 260615 users.

What is the price of Theta Network going to be six months from now?

Osom expert

Difficult as it is projecting long term using our price prediction we expect the price of Theta Network will be anywhere between €0 and €0.98 in 6 months.

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10 days Theta Network price forecast

10 days Theta Network price forecast

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September 220-NaN%
October 220-NaN%
November 220-NaN%
December 220-NaN%
January 230-NaN%
February 230-NaN%
March 230-NaN%
April 230-NaN%
May 230-NaN%
June 230-NaN%
July 230-NaN%

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