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What is Theta Fuel all about

What is Theta Fuel all about

All-Time High • Jun 09 2021


All-Time Low • Mar 13 2020


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43,726,550 +2.73%

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Theta is the governance token of the blockchain-powered video and content delivery Theta Network. Users earn token rewards for viewing and sharing video content on the network as well as for providing bandwidth and computational resources whether it be on a PC, mobile device or smart TV.

The Theta Blockchain was custom built to power video and data relaying using a multi-Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus protocol. The network is primarily secured by 20 to 30 enterprise validator nodes including the likes of Google, Samsung and Binance, while more than 3000 users have staked THETA to act as validators in a second layer of guardian nodes.

The Theta Network is powered by a dual token design. As mentioned, THETA is the governance token and is staked in order to participate as a validator or guardian node. Staking and operating as a node rewards users with Theta Fuel (TFUEL) - which is essentially the same as Ethereum’s operational ‘gas’. TFUEL is used to pay for a variety of operational mechanisms and is also rewarded to ‘relayers’ that share video content to others users on the network.

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Theta Fuel Profit Calculator

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Questions & Answers

TFUEL Questions & Answers

What was Theta Fuel's highest price?

Osom expert

The price of Theta Fuel reached its highest point on 2021-06-09, at 0.56 EUR.

How much is Theta Fuel worth today?

Osom expert

Today, the price of Theta Fuel is at 0.05329700 EUR.

Is Theta Fuel going to be worth more in 1 month time?

Osom expert

According to our short term prediction, we expect, the value of Theta Fuel is likely going to reach between €0.03336359 and €0.18 in 30 days.

What will the Theta Fuel price be 3 months from now?

Osom expert

On the basis of our short term prediction we suspect Theta Fuel's price is likely going to reach between €0 and €0.18 in three months.

What will the price of Theta Fuel be in half a year?

Osom expert

In the long run, it is very hard to predict accurately, however on the basis of our prediction we expect that Theta Fuel's cost is likely going to reach between €0 and €0.18 half year from now.

How popular is Theta Fuel on social media?

Osom expert

28466 users were engaging in an online discussion on Reddit about Theta Fuel in the last 48 hours. The official Theta Fuel Twitter account is currently followed by 259783 people.

How does the Theta Network differ from a platform like YouTube?

Osom expert

Theta allows content viewers to earn TFUEL for their attention, while its peer-to-peer network allows participants to be paid for sparing computational resources and space, while the decentralization of content is touted to improve streaming efficiency.

Does Theta support smart contracts?

Osom expert

Theta features smart contract functionality and is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, which allows porting of existing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. A user can deploy and interact with the smart contract either manually through the Theta Web Wallet or programmatically via the Theta Blockchain SDK.

How much do I need to stake to become a THETA guardian node?

Osom expert

Users have to stake a minimum amount of 1,000 THETA to become a guardian node. With the current price of THETA around $7, that would cost around $7,000.

Is the Theta network live?

Osom expert

The Theta Network is live and users can earn TFUEL watching a wide variety of content on different streaming platforms including the native Users can also run nodes in order to relay video streams over the network and earn TFUEL for doing so.

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10 days Theta Fuel price forecast

10 days Theta Fuel price forecast

DayPrice PredictionChange

Long term Theta Fuel price prediction

MonthPrice PredictionChange
June 220.08291368+55.57%
July 220.07144466-13.83%
August 220.00707058-90.1%
September 220-100%
October 220-NaN%
November 220-NaN%
December 220-NaN%
January 230-NaN%
February 230-NaN%
March 230-NaN%
April 230-NaN%
May 230-NaN%

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