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What is Kattana all about

What is Kattana all about

All-Time High • Apr 16 2021


All-Time Low • Jan 24 2022


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-457,803 -7.56%

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Kattana is the world’s first desktop trading terminal for blockchain assets and comes equipped with the essential tools needed by professional traders.

It is no big surprise that decentralised finance (DeFi) is taking the crypto world by storm, it’s growing at a rapid pace and presenting investors and traders with unprecedented opportunities. With this in mind, Kattana is a trading software built by traders for traders that has its roots in the more traditional CEX (centralised exchange) arena but is also geared up to offer the key tools traders need to navigate, invest and profit in the decentralised finance world.

At the core of Kattana is a state of the art trading terminal providing users with all the tools they need. Kattana is a trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs, bridging the decentralised and centralised world and making available the kind of tools that were only available in CEXs such as high-quality charts, multiple DEXs across multiple chains and AI-driven news providing users with relevant and essential information about the tokens and projects they are following.

The trading tools and features offered by Kattana include limit market orders, limit orders, CE-DE limit orders which make the buying and selling of certain assets on a centralised exchange easier and without the need to make deposits on the exchange. In terms of features, Kattana offers scalable charts which are increasingly important to traders and TA sharing, allowing users to share trading ideas and strategies with colleagues or friends.

Kattana is aimed at novice as well as professional traders and so with this in mind the terminal is designed to be as simple as possible but at the same time provide the kind of tools professional traders depend on, that’s no mean feat! Users simply create an account on the platform and many of the facilities can be accessed for free such as DEX trading, access to two charts per tab and limited analysis of ERC-20 wallets per day. There is however the possibility to upgrade for more features. Kattana offers three plans, the basic plan, a pro plan and a fund plan. All of the payments are made in KTN, the native token of Kattana. If users do not wish to pay for a plan it is also possible to access the plans by way of holding a certain number of KTN tokens respectively for the basic plan, pro plan and fund plan.

The KTN token and its tokenomics

The native Kattana token KTN is the digital asset that powers the Kattana network. The KTN tokens are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens and are deflationary by design. There is a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens that have multiple uses on the Kattana platform. Of the 10,000,000 total KTN supply, 10% was allocated for the seed sale, 13.5% for private sale, 3% for strategic funding and 2% for public sales. Each of the tokens in these rounds had a different lock-up period designed to ensure a steady balance in the supply and token reserves. The KTN token is deflationary by nature and thus designed to appreciate in value by way of applying supply-side pressure. The Tokenomics design creates artificial shortages and the approach of users needing to hold a certain quantity of KTN to get unlimited access to the features offered by Kattana puts KTN tokens to active use and thereby creates demand. So far the strategy seems to be paying off based on the growth in the price of KTN.

Kattana Profit Calculator

Kattana Profit Calculator

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Questions & Answers

KTN Questions & Answers

What was Kattana's highest price?

Osom expert

The highest price of Kattana was registered on 2021-04-16, at 28.72 EUR.

What is the current Kattana price?

Osom expert

Current price of Kattana is 2.77 EUR.

What will the price of Kattana be in three months?

Osom expert

In accordance with our short term prediction we expect the price of Kattana will reach between €2.13 and €7.78 in 3 months time.

What will the Kattana price be in one month?

Osom expert

Using our short term price prediction, we expect, Kattana's cost will reach between €2.90 and €7.61 in 1 month.

What is the popularity of Kattana on online?

Osom expert

0 Reddit users took part via Reddit, in an online discussion about Kattana in the last 2 days. Kattana's Twitter handle is followed by 0 people.

What price will Kattana reach in six months?

Osom expert

Long term forecast is very difficult, however on the basis of our prediction we expect that Kattana's price will be between €0 and €9.98 in 6 months.

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10 days Kattana price forecast

DayPrice PredictionChange

Long term Kattana price prediction

MonthPrice PredictionChange
February 225.29+91.07%
March 225.16-2.55%
April 224.93-4.44%
May 224.71-4.34%
June 224.71-0.1%
July 224.49-4.68%
August 224.34-3.29%
September 224.43+1.93%
October 223.99-9.86%
November 223.97-0.36%
December 223.99+0.29%
January 233.53-11.4%

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