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What is GamerCoin all about

What is GamerCoin all about

All-Time High • Apr 14 2021


All-Time Low • Jun 15 2022


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GamerCoin (GHX) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and the native cryptocurrency for the GamerHash ecosystem. GamerCoin serves multiple functions on the platform including being able to order products from within the GamerHash store and access to dedicated competitions and events exclusive for GHX holders. GamerCoin (GHX) can be earned from within the GamerHash ecosystem by way of bonuses and rewards.

What is GamerHash?

GamerHash is an ecosystem that allows gamers to use their computing power to earn Bitcoin. GamerHash started out in 2017, the idea of a couple of friends. Since those early days, GamerHash has grown to well over 600,000 users. GamerHash users share their computing power via the GamerHash app which runs in the background. The GamerHash app figures out which is the best cryptocurrency to mine and rewards the users with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency can then be used to buy gift cards in the app store for a growing number of mainstream outlets such as Netflix or games amongst other things.

GamerHash has in effect created one of the biggest supercomputers on the planet on the back of hundreds of thousands of gaming computers. Crypto mining is a costly and complicated business that does not simply run on autopilot, it requires knowledge, attention and energy. GamerHash takes the hard work out of the equation and allows users to benefit from blockchain technology without the hassle and also without the classic barriers to entry typical in crypto mining such as the need for ultra high power mining rigs, knowledge and time. Instead, the GamerHash app utilises idle or underused resources like the central processing unit (CPU) and the graphics processing unit (GPU) in the background which makes a huge amount of sense. A computer is a financial investment and when sitting there doing nothing is not providing a return on investment (ROI) for its owner. With GamerHash on the other hand, the computer can earn money for its owner by offering idle computing power to the network in return for rewards. Those with lower end PCs that are not suitable for crypto mining need not be left out and can join Play&Earn where they can still earn crypto rewards after completing simple tasks such as registering on a GamerHash partner platform or performing simple tasks.

The organisation behind GamerHash and its native coin GamerCoin is based in Malta within the EU and is the first crypto project whitepaper to be registered by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the first project in the European Union to launch a token within the new regulatory framework of Malta’s MFSA. Whilst regulation is certainly a very divisive subject within the current crypto environment it is probably an inevitability and at least provides some safeguards and reassurance to crypto investors that are looking for something a little more concrete.

GamerCoin is an ERC-20 token, the token standard for Ethereum, the 2nd largest cryptocurrency and blockchain after bitcoin. ERC-20 has six core functions that define the basic functionality of a token on the Ethereum system including the method in which tokens are transferred and how users can access data regarding a particular ERC-20 token. The ERC-20 standard aims to ensure that different types of ERC-20 tokens will perform and work well with other ERC-20 tokens within the Ethereum network.

GamerHash has partnered with Exeedme and became a silver partner to BlockChain Game Alliance, one of the most influential gaming and crypro associations whose members include Sandbox, Enjin, Simplex, ANRKeyS and other top NFT projects.

GamerHash and its native coin GamerCoin have achieved a great deal since being founded in 2017, the strong community of over 600,000 users, solid business model and partnerships certainly provide a solid footing for the future. Of course, in the world of crypto, nothing at all is certain, however, in the case of GamerCoin, there is at least a strong foundation, proof of adoption, regulation (whether that be good or bad) and important partnerships in the bag. It will be interesting to see where GamerCoin goes from here.

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GamerCoin Profit Calculator

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Questions & Answers

GHX Questions & Answers

What price will GamerCoin reach in 1 month time?

Osom expert

According to our prediction, we suspect the cost of GamerCoin will be anywhere between €0 and €0.09863087 one month from now.

What was the highest price of GamerCoin to date?

Osom expert

The price of GamerCoin peaked on 2021-04-14, at 0.77 EUR.

Is GamerCoin going to cost more in six months?

Osom expert

Accurate long term forecast is very difficult, however based on our price prediction algorithm we estimate the value of GamerCoin will reach between €0 and €0.17 in half a year.

What is the popularity of GamerCoin online?

Osom expert

0 users took part in discussing GamerCoin online on Reddit in the last 48 hours. GamerCoin's official Twitter handle is currently followed by 0 users.

How much will GamerCoin be worth 90 days from now?

Osom expert

Using our price prediction we expect that the cost of GamerCoin will reach between €0 and €0.11 in 3 months time.

What is the price of GamerCoin right now?

Osom expert

Currently, the price of GamerCoin is at 0.01703778 EUR.

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10 days GamerCoin price forecast

10 days GamerCoin price forecast

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Long term GamerCoin price prediction

MonthPrice PredictionChange
August 220.01882786+10.51%
September 220.00677275-64.03%
October 220-100%
November 220.00079902+Infinity%
December 220-100%
January 230-NaN%
February 230-NaN%
March 230-NaN%
April 230-NaN%
May 230-NaN%
June 230-NaN%
July 230-NaN%

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