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What is Bitcoin SV all about

What is Bitcoin SV all about

All-Time High • Apr 16 2021


All-Time Low • Nov 23 2018


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Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision, also known as Bitcoin SV is a blockchain that is a result of a 2018 hard fork from the Bitcoin Cash chain. The fork happened because of a disagreement amongst developers. These disagreements were about introducing new features to the blockchain, like smart contracts. BSV's blockchain is being developed by nChain. NChain's Chief Scientist - Craig Wright - even claimed to be part of the original Bitcoin developer group called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin SV website states that the project is "Exactly as envisioned in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin White Paper". As such, the BSV network is secured by a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. This means that miners compete to solve complex mathematical problems. Whenever a miner solves such a puzzle, a new block gets added to the blockchain and the miner receives a reward. Each new block is cryptographically tied to the previous one, which makes it practically impossible to alter stored data.

The BSV network offers interesting solutions to existing blockchain problems, like scalability. BSV is already able to handle over 50000 transactions per second (tps) on the testnet, and 10000+ tps on its mainnet. The block size of BSV is also significantly larger. As of writing, the official website for Bitcoin SV lists the current block size at 4GB. In comparison, Bitcoin's original block size was only 1MB. Through the process of massive scaling, BSV wants to increase transaction volumes.

The Bitcoin SV network also boasts high energy efficiency. Thanks to BSV's transaction scaling ability it has the potential to become the world's greenest blockchain. On top of that, the more people use the network, the more energy efficient it becomes.

BSV token is the representation of what Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned in their whitepaper. A global peer-to-peer system of electronic payments. This means that BSV is basically a medium of exchange. The use of BSV removes the need for an intermediary like the banking system. Because of it, BSVs' transaction fees are lower than those of credit card payments.

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Bitcoin SV Profit Calculator

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Questions & Answers

BSV Questions & Answers

What is the price of Bitcoin SV today?

Osom expert

Today, the price of Bitcoin SV is at 49.70 Euro.

What was the highest price of Bitcoin SV?

Osom expert

Bitcoin SV was the most expensive on 2021-04-16, when it was at 408.75 EUR.

What price will Bitcoin SV reach next month?

Osom expert

According to our prediction, we estimate Bitcoin SV's cost is likely going to reach between €17.49 and €96.72 in 1 month.

What will the Bitcoin SV price be half year from now?

Osom expert

Predicting the future with any degree of accuracy is difficult, but on the basis of our short term prediction we estimate the value of Bitcoin SV will reach between €0 and €99.32 in 6 months.

Is Bitcoin SV expected to increase in value in three months?

Osom expert

Using our prediction we suspect that the value of Bitcoin SV will reach between €0 and €96.72 3 months from now.

Is Bitcoin SV popular among social media users?

Osom expert

0 users engaged in discussing Bitcoin SV online on Reddit in the last 2 days. Bitcoin SV's Twitter handle is followed by 0 users.

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10 days Bitcoin SV price forecast

10 days Bitcoin SV price forecast

DayPrice PredictionChange

Long term Bitcoin SV price prediction

MonthPrice PredictionChange
November 2263.12+27%
December 2257-9.7%
January 2335.29-38.09%
February 2342.9+21.57%
March 2326.38-38.51%
April 2319.94-24.4%
May 2351.09+156.17%
June 230-100%
July 230-NaN%
August 235.94+Infinity%
September 233.33-43.95%
October 230-100%

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