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What is XRP all about

What is XRP all about

All-Time High • Jan 07 2018


All-Time Low • Aug 16 2013


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XRP is a digital token from blockchain company Ripple. Ripple set out, with its XRP blockchain and token, to become a digital payment network and protocol that was marketed to banks and financial institutions. Ripple’s plan is to facilitate inter-banking transactions with its XRP cryptocurrency to enable faster and cheaper transactions.

XRP is intended to be a ‘SWIFT killer’ a service for international money and security transfers currently well adopted by banks and financial intermediaries.

Unlike say Bitcoin and other highly decentralized cryptocurrencies, Ripple is heavily involved in how the XRP token is used, distributed and released. XRP has a total of 100 billion pre-mined coins, but these are distributed by Ripple in order to control the supply.

Ripple has branched out to many areas across the world to inject its XRP solution as a remittance system, and as a way to easily move value across borders. However, there are ongoing debates about its designation with some seeing it as a security.

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Questions & Answers

XRP Questions & Answers

How much is XRP worth today?

Osom expert

Currently, the price of XRP is 0.94 EUR.

At what point did XRP's price reach its highest?

Osom expert

The highest price of XRP was registered on 2018-01-07, when it was at 2.82 EUR.

What will XRP be worth 30 days from now?

Osom expert

According to our price prediction, we expect, that XRP's price is likely going to reach between €0.79 and €1.18 in one month.

Is XRP expected to increase in value six months from now?

Osom expert

Long term forecast is very difficult, however according to our short term prediction we estimate that XRP's value will be between €0.79 and €1.68 six months from now.

What will XRP cost in three months time?

Osom expert

According to our short term prediction we estimate XRP's value is likely going to be between €0.79 and €1.30 3 months from now.

What is the popularity of XRP online?

Osom expert

333501 people were engaging in discussing XRP online on Reddit in the last 2 days. The official XRP Twitter account is currently followed by 2109746 users.

Is XRP a security?

Osom expert

Under US law, XRP is currently being scrutinized for its potential to be labeled as a security under the SEC laws. The SEC has been rather ambivalent with its labeling of certain cryptocurrencies as securities, but has scratched Bitcoin and Ethereum off the list. XRP’s fate iss till to be determined

Do banks use XRP at the moment?

Osom expert

The ultimate goal of Ripple is to have banks using their products and the XRP token to facilitate transfers between banks and countries. There are instances of banks using certain Ripple services, but it is not entirely adopted as yet.

Is Ripple in control of everything that happens with XRP?

Osom expert

One thing that makes XRP different to a lot of cryptocurrencies is the high level of involvement that its parent company has in controlling the XRP blockchain. Some have labeled XRP as a centralized cryptocurrency because of this, but Ripple does not have an entire say in all proceedings.

What if XRP becomes a security?

Osom expert

Currently, only the SEC in the US is investigating XRP as a security. If it is found to be one, it would face harsh punishment in the US, but Ripple would most likely move its operations to a new country that has friendlier cryptocurrency regulations.

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